Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby Eglyntine » 16 January 2013, 03:05

I doubt we are ever going to see these DLC's for the US on any platform. I am on Xbox and we do not even have the DLC here in the US. Attilus does not respond to any inquiries whatsoever. They do not even have an automatic responder to let you know they got your inquiry so who even knows if they are still running their business.

Do not get me wrong, the UK ppl are amazing, I love the game and cannot say enough good about it or the UK publishers. But their US counterpart could care less about providing us with any sort of service. It is a real shame because I would LOVE to have the DLC for this game.

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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby sinzindetta » 24 January 2013, 06:44

Well it disappoints me but I guess it did not do well. I do not understand gamers sometimes. I loved this game yet it got slammed by reviewers however other games that reviewed and sold well I hated. Wish it would of did better.
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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby Eglyntine » 24 January 2013, 18:17

The really sad part is that most of the reviewers did not even play the actual game before reviewing. I truly believe they looked at the trailer and made their review. You can tell just by reading most of them that they did not play the game past the first 20 minutes if they played it at all. The ignorance expounded upon in their reviews reek of someone that knows nothing about the game.

The worst part of today's "gamers" is that they follow this drivel because they are too lazy to find out for themselves by actually playing a game. You cannot even grasp the purpose or where the game is going in the first 20 minutes of play. We are being held hostage by inept ppl on a power trip and games like this one do not even get a chance because of that very reason. After seeing what reviewers did to this game before it really even hit the shelves I refuse to read reviewers opinions on any game in the future. If I do not see actual player's comments that have played the entire game at least once I will buy the game and try it myself. More gamers need to do the same.

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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby zorro » 30 March 2013, 17:55

The URL to "Download the DLC for PC" gives an error (Not Found)....Can it be restored?
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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby FocusTechSupport » 03 April 2013, 08:16

I have checked the links and there is no problem.
The DLCs available on the Game of Thrones RPG official web site are published by Metaboli GamesPlanet online store.
Please contact the Customer Service of Metaboli GamesPlanet for all problem with your order:



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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby Andymac2508 » 13 June 2013, 15:46

Loved this DLC and the original game as well.

Was a bit uneasy about playing due to all the bad reviews / feedback but I'm glad i did the story is brilliant and kept me entertained right to the end i really hope for more DLC soon :D
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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby Easyfutco » 20 October 2015, 05:41

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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby makza » 24 March 2017, 09:27

Asking for advice About this site :P :P :P :P :P

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Re: Travel beyond the Wall in a new quest DLC!

Postby wanda » 24 April 2017, 11:13

It is very good information and interesting. :D :D

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