Why I Always Find Out the Gender of My Baby

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Why I Always Find Out the Gender of My Baby

Postby lonwaysafety2 » 08 March 2018, 07:11

Why I Always Find Out the Gender of My Baby

Five years ago,baby shoes, my sister was expecting her first baby and when I mentioned it to a co-worker, she asked, “Is she going to find out what she’s having?”I was completely taken aback by the question! I hadn’t even thought to ask my sister — I just assumed she would, of course, want to know in advance. With ultrasounds so readily available and generally accurate,baby care, who wouldn’t want to know if they were having a boy or a girl?But since then, I’ve realized that lots of people choose not to find out what they’re having. Plenty of friends and acquaintances have waited until the delivery room to know whether their new addition is a girl or a boy.In my case, though, I’ve never personally considered not finding out.  I’m on my third pregnancy and every time the ultrasound tech asks if I want to know, I can hardly say “yes!” fast enough.Here’s why I like finding out:AdvertisementIt’s just as exciting to me at 20 weeks. It’s a big momentous occasion to me when I have that ultrasound. Sure, it’d be a surprise in the delivery room, but it’s also a surprise in the ultrasound room too! Every time, I can hardly sleep the night before because I’m so filled with anticipation about the big reveal.I only have to come up with one name. I’ve mentioned before that coming up with names for our children is really difficult for my husband and me. Having to decide on TWO names sounds extra stressful to me.I don’t like surprises. My worst nightmare is a surprise party. I don’t like being surprised very much, so the surprise element of not finding out what I’m having doesn’t really appeal to me at all.I don’t like referring to my baby as “it” or “he or she.” When I can call the baby either a boy or girl (in my case, it’s always been girl), it just makes it much easier on me!I’m too much of a planner not to find out.  I don’t buy a ton of baby clothing or decorate like crazy, but knowing what I’m having helps me feel ready to have the baby so I can get a few things purchased and all my baby gear organized beforehand.Do you find out or do you want to wait until the baby is born?
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