SLI Guide + instructions for Advanced Anti-Aliasing options

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SLI Guide + instructions for Advanced Anti-Aliasing options

Postby Alazais » 21 May 2012, 18:16

I'll split this into two parts.

- How to enable SLI for those having problems
- How to enable advanced anti-aliasing modes (including one similar to Witcher 2's 'ubersampling'.

Forcing SLI

First of all, I would recommend having at least Fraps running, so you can immediately test the framerate improvement. Ideally, you'd also have a program like EVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner to show you GPU usage on both cores. With SLI working correctly, you will see 80 to 99% usage on both GPU 1 and GPU 2 (assuming you aren't cpu bottlenecked at the time).

1) Get Nvidia Inspector. Guru3d have a mirror here:

2) On Nvidia Inspector's main screen, click the tool icon to the right of 'driver version'. When you mouse over the button it will say "Driver (256+) Profile Settings". When you click it, Windows 7 may ask for admin power. Click Yes, and a new screen will come up.

3) On this screen, click the yellow star symbol in the top bar. On mouse-over, it will list as the 'Create New Profile' button.

4) It will ask for the name of the profile. I'd recommend something like 'Game of Thrones RPG' since there is already a default profile called 'Game of Thrones' but isn't set up correctly.

5) Click the icon two to the right of the yellow star. It's a green plus symbol marked 'Add Application to Current Profile' on mouse-over. Navigate to your game directory and go to Binaries -> Win32 and select 'ShippingPC-AGOTGame.exe'.

6) Click the same icon again ('Add Application to Current Profile'), navigate to the game directory and go to Autorun -> Exe and select 'Autorun.exe'.

7) Now under 'SLI Compatibility Bits', select "0x02400005 (Dragon Age: Origins, X2 The Threat, Dead Space...." from the drop down list (it's a long list, and this entry is around half way down). If you want you can just double click in the box and paste "0x02400005" in directly.

It should now look like this: (ignore the parts about anti-aliasing, that's optional and will be mentioned below):

Anti-aliasing modes

If you have a powerful SLI setup, you can vastly improve visual quality by using a mode very similar to 'ubersampling' in Witcher 2. Be warned, this is very intensive - I would only recmmend trying this with 580 SLI or 680 SLI (or dual cards like 690 or 590). Triple/quad setups should work too though I've not tested this.

1) Go to the 'Game of Thrones RPG' profile you made. Enter "0x000000C1" under anti-aliasing compatibility. Under anti-aliasing mode choose 'override any application setting'. For powerful machines, now choose a mode under 'anti-aliasing setting'. Be warned that supersampling is enormously demanding. 3x3 runs both my overclocked GTX 680s at 99% load for around 45-70fps. 4x4 mode is playable too though 3x3 seems plenty to deal with aliasing. For 580s, I'd recommend 2x2.

2) If you want less extreme anti-aliasing, enter "0x080100C5" instead of "0x000000C1", and choose a mode like '4xMultisampling' under the 'anti-aliasing setting' box. This will work fairly well on single card setups and mid-range cards, which have some spare horsepower to boost image quality.

If you do have the horsepower for supersampling, the end result should lead to an image virtually completely free of aliasing, as you can see below on Mors in this screenshot:


It's a very impressive effect in motion - but even the normal multisampling modes should provide a nice boost in image quality. Max'd out will do more justice to the effort the art team here have put into recreating Westeros.

Let me know how you get on and I'll post more details as needed. I'll also test transparency anti-aliasing and see how well that's working.
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Re: SLI Guide + instructions for Advanced Anti-Aliasing opti

Postby MforMoniker » 21 May 2012, 23:01

Works perfectly! I had to go 2x2, but runs around 47 FPS with my custom ENB injector.
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Re: SLI Guide + instructions for Advanced Anti-Aliasing opti

Postby makza » 11 April 2017, 06:08

Asking for advice about SLI Guide + instructions for Advanced Anti-Aliasing options

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Re: SLI Guide + instructions for Advanced Anti-Aliasing opti

Postby tata123 » 15 April 2017, 04:18

Thanks for the advice, it was very helpful for me.

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Re: SLI Guide + instructions for Advanced Anti-Aliasing opti

Postby love123 » 24 April 2017, 09:18

Ask for advice for this.

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