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[url]Never Eat or Ingest Mistletoe!

If you use mistletoe in your house over the holiday season Wholesale Keith Magnuson Jersey , make sure that you place it where children and pets cannot get to it. When is mistletoe poisonous? Great care should be taken around all small children and your pets. Because they are smaller, the ingesting of mistletoe poison by children and pets can cause severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. Mistletoe poison has been fatal in some cases but it is rare for an adult to die from mistletoe products ingestion. Children and pets like to eat the white waxy fruits, or berries that are poisonous. Is mistletoe poisonous? The leaves can also be poisonous if they are ingested. The American Mistletoe is more poisonous than European variety of mistletoe products. To be safe, always call for medical assistance immediately if any mistletoe poison is ingested.

What does the mistletoe symbolize?

Over the years mistletoe decorations have become a symbol for kissing during the Christmas festivities. The origin of the kissing tradition under the mistletoe is vague. The tradition may have stemmed from the ancient belief that mistletoe was related to fertility. Another explanation of the kissing under mistletoe tradition is derived from the festival of Saturnalia, a popular mid December celebration in early Roman times. Another could have come from the Viking associating of the mistletoe decorations with Frigga, the goddess of love.

The proper mistletoe etiquette is for the man to remove one berry when he kisses a woman even though this proves to be a little sticky. There is no more kissing under mistletoe allowed underneath those leaves when all of its berries have been picked.

What Is The Meaning Of Mistletoe?

The Christmas holiday celebration today has assimilated a wide range of customs and traditions from many cultures Wholesale Glenn Hall Jersey , and mistletoe is just one of them. Early European people used mistletoe as a ceremonial plant. It is thought to be this practice which probably resulted in the custom of kissing under the mistletoe ball at Christmas.

Where do you hang mistletoe?

Today hanging up a mistletoe plant over a doorway has become a tradition celebrated around the world during the Christmas season. A person caught standing under a mistletoe plant must forfeit a mistletoe kiss.

Legend of Mistletoe:

Why do people kiss under the mistletoe magic ornaments? Mistletoe is widely viewed as a symbol of love and fertility. The most popular and common legend of mistletoe used today is when a couple kisses under a sexy mistletoe ball, they will have good luck for the coming year. A couple that is too shy or neglects to perform the kissing ritual will have bad luck for the upcoming year. It is also believed that a kissing couple under the mistletoe plant ensures a good marriage and a long, happy life. Another myth is that if an unmarried woman is not kissed under the mistletoe she will remain single for the following year.

Like a child putting a tooth under their pillow in hopes that the Tooth Fairy will visit them for an exchange. The reward, as we know well, is a coin. It is believed that if a lady places a sprig of mistletoe under her pillow at night she can dream of her Prince Charming.

Want to find out if a marriage is a good one? Burning a mistletoe plant is also thought to foresee a woman?s marital bliss. Try this mistletoe folklore that states if the plant burns steadily it promises a healthy marriage. While on the other hand, a fickle flame may be a sign of an ill suited partner or doom a woman in the marriage.

What does a mistletoe represent?

Mistletoe also is a representative of goodwill and peace. It has been told that ancient enemies who encounter each other underneath trees bearing mistletoe will embrace Wholesale Clark Griswold Jersey , lay down their arms, and agree to a truce for today and the day afterwards.

These acts of goodwill, exchanging greetings, and abstaining from violence under this unique plant may have also prompted the custom of the sexy mistletoe kiss under a mistletoe balls.
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