Game of Thrones: Exclusive images of Westeros!

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Game of Thrones: Exclusive images of Westeros!

Postby Vince » 10 January 2012, 11:28

Discover today six new exclusive images from Game of Thrones, the RPG for PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360® and PC based on the epic series by George R.R. Martin, which was recently adapted into a TV series by HBO®.

Through these six exclusive images, follow the two playable characters in their quests leading them to the heart of mythical locations from Westeros. The fate of Mors, sworn brother of the Night's Watch, will lead him from the Wall to King’s Landing, through the hostile lands of the Gift. Alester, the red priest, will face troubles during his journey from Riverspring in Lannister territory, to Red Keep in the capital. Their epic quest will be guided by revenge, loyalty, honor, and family, along a twisting plot filled with betrayal and violence.

Like the novels, the stories of our two heroes are told in alternation, each character getting the main role in his chapter to deliver an exciting and original story ... until their paths first cross at the corner of a common quest.

Discover all of this in the second quarter of 2012 with Game of Thrones on PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360® and PC.

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Re: Game of Thrones: Exclusive images of Westeros!

Postby qwerty2002 » 24 April 2017, 04:27

I do not know what you're talking about, can I get some advice? :D
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