Welcome to King's Landing!

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Welcome to King's Landing!

Postby Freki » 11 April 2012, 07:56

Discover today new images from King’s Landing!

Game of Thrones, the RPG for PC, Xbox 360© and Playstation© 3 will lead you through famous places in Westeros, including the capital city of the Seven Kingdoms imagined by George R.R. Martin for his famous saga.

In this huge city ruled by King Robert Baratheon, you will walk inside Red Keep, and its Throne Room immortalized by the famous TV show from HBO©. There, you will meet some of the most popular figures from the books such as Queen Cersei Lannister, or the mysterious Lord Varys. You will also discover the city itself, from it wealthy merchant streets to its most miserable districts, not to forget its dark undergrounds and prisons!

The largest city in Westeros awaits you, with all its splendor, its impenetrable fortifications, but also its dark plots!

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