Game of Thrones forum's rules

Read the forum's rules before post a message.

Game of Thrones forum's rules

Postby Freki » 15 May 2012, 14:15

Game of Thrones forum's rules.

Forum Content must not:

- Be against the law
- Be abusive, disrespectful, harassing or hostile and must not be an attack on or bullying towards another user.
- Contain pornography, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive remarks or images, descriptions or promotions of illegal activity or provide links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned content.
- Discuss politics or religion as they do not relate to the Game of Thrones and have a tendency to provoke disagreements (except in the "Off-Topic" forum)
- Discuss or debate decisions of the Moderation and Administration of the forum publicly (you are welcome to write a PM).
- Contain any form of rude or offensive language or swearing.

Message Content:

- All posts must be constructive to the discussion and on topic. Only post when you have something worthy to add. Everytime you are planning to start a new thread, check first to see whether there is a similar one already existing and choose a well descriptive topic title.
- Advertising in any way (spam, hidden ads, …) is not allowed on the board without a Moderator's or an Administrator's authorization. Links to personal websites or Game of Thrones fan websites are tolerated in the user's profile or his signature as long as they stay subtle.
- The opinion of every user must be respected by everyone, regardless of how much it differs from your own.


- Do not write in CAPS, otherwise your message will look aggressive. This may make it harder to answer your message in a respectful manner.
- Think about spacing out your messages by skipping lines and using punctuation to offer a more pleasant reading.
- Do not post the same message multiple times.

Violations of these rules:

- Game of Thrones forums are moderated. Decisions of the Administration and Moderation must be adhered to. Administration and Moderation are reserving the right to warn or ban (or similar) any user for any reason.
- Forum Content must not violate this rules. Forum Moderators and other Game of Thrones staff, in their sole discretion, will determine whether content violates the rules and set appropriate actions. If you want to complain about the Administration, the Moderation or anything else that happens on the forums, please write a Private Message.

Have a pleasant stay on the Game of Thrones official forums.
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