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Bestellen Sie das Spiel vor!

Postby Freki » 16 May 2012, 15:31

Ab sofort kann das Rollenspiel „Game of Thrones“ europaweit vorbestellt werden und alle Vorbesteller erhalten dabei einen kostenlosen DLC: das Waffen-Set!

Dieser herunterladbare Inhalt schaltet exklusive Waffen (Schwerter, Äxte, Hämmer, Schilde, Armbrüste...) mit besonderen Merkmalen und einzigartigem Design frei. Die seltenen Gegenstände werden von einem umherziehenden Händler auf der Schwarzen Festung, in Königsmund und in Flussrath angeboten. Für Sie ist das die einmalige Gelegenheit, legendäre Waffen wie den berühmten Hammer von Robert Baratheon, die Axt des „Irren Königs“ Aerys Targaryen und viele weitere Waffen zu erhalten!

Wenn Sie das Spiel für PS3, Xbox 360 oder PC (Box- und Download-Version) vorbestellen möchten, besuchen Sie den offiziellen Online-Shop, um zu erfahren, bei welchen Händlern Sie dieses Angebot nutzen können!

>> Download-Version für den PC vorbestellen und kostenlosen DLC erhalten <<

>> Liste der Händler mit diesem Angebot anzeigen (PS3, Xbox 360, PC DVD) <<
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Whether you call it soccer, football or the beautiful game

Postby Easyfutco » 16 November 2015, 03:05

The flow of FIFA 16 that was present in FIFA 15 is gone

Whether you call it soccer, football or the beautiful game, the world’s favourite sport is once again in the limelight with the anticipated release of EA Sports’ FIFA 16.fifa 16 coins It’s a title that sends many into a frenzy, and keeps folks glued to their televisions throughout the world, making it no surprise that the series is quickly approaching its twenty-fifth year of existence. Following an off year, where the game that was released felt familiar and far too safe for its own good, FIFA 16 comes to us with the promise of gameplay enhancements and new ways to play. Looking to fix the wrongs of yesteryear, it hopes to reclaim the throne that it once felt like it owned. Goodbye complacency.

The rest of Ultimate Team remains very much the same. EA has cleverly segregated all of the markets based on console. Xbox One has a unique market to 360 and the same goes for the PlayStation brand. This is great news for people who want to enjoy a cheat-free experience since added security measures are also in place to prevent coin farming. There is much talk on the forums about EA completely lowering the likelihoods of people getting good players from their packs. After having seen some streams online of people opening packs, I’d have to agree. Perhaps this may change later on, but if this is true, I am extremely disappointed with this decision. I cannot help but think that it’s a tactic to encourage people to spend even more money on packs until they are satisfied with their teams.igsky
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