www.jinshanlunwen.com though though

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www.jinshanlunwen.com though though

Postby jordanss123 » 09 April 2017, 09:16

Thinner And Lighter
Last generation Samsung Series 9 was a great example of Intel Ultrabook initiative. The revamped Series 9, new for 2012, is even better. Forget about Apple MacBook Air. Samsung latest effort stands on its own merits as a great notebook.
Samsung doesn't use the term Ultrabook anywhere on its Series 9 product page. Instead, the company repeatedly evangelizes the quality of its display, the performance of its hardware, and the speed with which it's able to boot up. It's thinner than its predecessor, it's lighter than its predecessor, and it's faster than its predecessor. The 13.3" Series 9, refreshed in 2012, is everything an Ultrabook should be, and yet Intel's branding isn't shoved up in your face with a, "Look, we can do it too, Apple," indignance.
The touchpad, on the other hand, is more difficult to excuse. Its right and left mouse buttons are built into the surface of the pad, which is supposed to give you more room for cursor movement and multi finger gestures. The mechanism is confusing, though, because the bottom 80% of the touchpad depresses. However, only the lower 20% generates a right or left click action. We've seen this from Apple's MacBook Pro, but in OS X, you're really only dealing with a single right click. Windows, on the other hand, involves regular use of both mouse buttons. It doesn't help that the click is pretty shallow, making the touchpad even more ornery.
2)Can you keep it in your lap, sitting or lying down slightly (you know, with the notebook against your knees)? Or does it get too warm?
These two are deal breakers for me,论文代写, personally. So is the keyboard, but you've clearly stated what's wrong with that (touchpad too, but just wanted to know if it's a noticeable annoyance). So is the keyboard,www.jinshanlunwen.com, but you've clearly stated what's wrong with that (touchpad too, but just wanted to know if it's a noticeable annoyance).
I can't speak to the Samsung, but on the X1, the touchpad (which everyone seems to rave about) is sooo not good compared to the MBA's. It does not get too warm, though. Again, this is specific to the X1.
techcuriousAndrew, on the third page in the PCMARK 7 table of scores, you say that the Samsung wins every sub category. And I believe bold font is normally used to highlight the best score in each test.
Usually,论文代写, that's the case. I think Andrew highlighted all one column to indicate it's the Samsung. I just went back and made sure that the winning numbers are in bold!
It was about 3 months ago when I had the pleasure of acquiring this same ultrabook with these same exact specs for a client. I have to admit I was surprised and disappointed to find that Samsung didn't use their own SSD in it. But I was blown away by the 12 second boot up time (all the way to desktop)! And this was after I loaded it with antivirus and MS Office and many other programs! (On my desktop, my SSD has to wait for about 15 seconds of BIOS POST). Oddly enough though, within the first 24 hours of use while I was still setting it up for my client and removing the recovery partition, the SSD simply failed. So, I went back to the store and swapped it out for another (the ultrabook, not the SSD). New one has been working flawlessly since.
I did not find the "right click" confusing at all. It's not that hard to keep in mind that to activate the right click I need to move to the lower end of the touchpad. All you need to do is dedicate 2 minutes to test, practice and familiarize yourself with the boundaries of the touchpad. I love Macbook touchpads, and this is the closest any Windows PC touchpad has ever come as far as I have tried. I loved it. No, it never got too warm while I used it for 48 hours. However, I did not use it to encode videos nor did I do something silly like play "Battlefield 3" on it. So I can't say it will remain cool while doing that. But during regular use (including many software installations),论文代写, it stayed cool!
This is my favorite Ultrabook and my only recommendation to clients and friends.
Oh, and it really does feel incredibly light and it has a very high quality premium feel overall, justifying the price tag.
Well a few things, first the Samsung has a horrible keyboard, the SSD (mSATA) is slow, everything requires a dongle, WiFi dropouts, and mixed bag performance so you have to question why some of these common issues are lacking in this article. I've tried one. Comparisons You're comparing performance to an iPad?! What about the MacBook Air/Pro (MBA/MBP)?? Why not compare NB's with the same CPU and similar specs none of this made any sense to me. Examples: Geekbench and SSD
My office I use an HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation and some of us use others including ASUS, but for home, travel or even work it's still tough to ignore the MBA or MBP which is one of Samsung's major competitors in this category. None of these notebooks are really any good for gaming.
Now if all you're doing is smurfing the web, checking your email, Facebook, documents, and a slew of other typical tasks then any of the notebooks or tablets are 'good enough.'

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