Medias praise Real Madrid’s new generation

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Medias praise Real Madrid’s new generation

Postby fifa17coins » 15 June 2017, 02:58

Real Madrid is the first defending the defending successful team after the Champions League, the Madrid media has claimed that Real Madrid to create a new dynasty."Marca" today is pointed out that Real Madrid has to dominate the cost of ten years. Real Madrid generation players have been very strong, and now also emerged a number of new generation.
In the Real Madrid team, the "old players" only 31-year-old Ramos, 32-year-old C Luo, 31-year-old Modric, 29-year-old Benzema, 29-year-old Marcelo and 30-year-old Navas. Nacho and Cross are 27 years old, other important players in the age has a great advantage.
As the representative of Real Madrid's Mesozoic players, Isaac, Kawahar, Casamillo, Lucas and Danilo are both 25 years old. Kovacchi 23 years old, top 5 fifa coins reviews Croats this season compared to last season's performance has been greatly improved. Now the new generation of Real Madrid players also began to rise, 21-year-old Arsenio is regarded as the next generation of kings, 20-year-old Vallejo is Pepe substitute, 22-year-old Marcos - Llorente after the return of the lease will become An important rotation player on the waist position.
In the signings, Real Madrid also very stressed the age and potential. Real Madrid has basically finalized the Atletico 19-year-old left-back Special Olympics, the attacking player is considered Marcelo future successor. Do not forget, 18-year-old Ede high also "stocking" in the Eredivisie.
Compared to the vibrant Real Madrid, Barcelona is now aging serious. Suarez, Messi, Iniesta, Pique are over thirty veterans, and Raktich, Busquets, cheap legit coin websites Alba and others are the youngest are 28 years old. In the main lineup of Barcelona, only Nei Maer, Roberto, Telfast and Umitty are relatively young. Barcelona high-level last season began to focus on the younger, but the new aid only Umm Ti Ti performance was recognized, in recent years, Ramada has also been a talent interrupted.
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