SAS’s evolution history

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SAS’s evolution history

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SAS is one of the classic characters in the CS series.


SAS, known as the British special air service group. Was first established by David Stirling in the Second World War. Their task in World War II, including the secret after the secret information collection, the implementation of precision strike and the assassination of key figures and so on.

You know, cs go Emfehlungscodes Seiten the earliest SAS troops are not used to fight terrorists. After the 1972 Munich Olympic Games tragedy, the British government will SAS troops into the fight against terrorism. At that time the SAS forces were already well-known counter-revolutionary warfare forces and successfully transformed into a counter-terrorism force.

In 1980, the Iranian embassy against terrorists in the encirclement and suppression operations, SAS forces for the first time in the history of terrorism operations stage cut a striking figure. They use the flying cable from the window of the assault scene constantly in the UK's major television channels repeatedly broadcast.
CS 1.6

Take a look at an old picture together! CS1.6 period of the brothers must be on the figure inside the four characters are very familiar, but we really know which game model belongs to which troops?

In fact, the first left is our SAS game model in the 1.6-like look!

In the 1.6 period of the SAS forces all over the body with dark gray color, it can be said that in addition to dark gray can not find other colors, of course, cs go Verweiscodes:!: this and the real SAS force or a certain difference, but at the time has been very good to restore Features of SAS troops.

In CS1.6, because the SAS unit head with the gas mask is too characteristic, so there are a large number of players called SAS troops as "fly male".


Sent a model in the origin of the SAS forces, is not felt the fear of being dominated by flies? You can see, in fact, during the CS era, has made a lot of optimization and change for SAS forces. In the retention of its characteristics, "flies head", the other place for a large area of change, but the result is to make the origin of the SAS forces do not seem so realistic, but there is a trace of terror.


In the game, SAS's game model was recently updated on December 13, 2016.

In the CS: GO game, SAS troops wearing blue-gray uniforms and boots, black bulletproof vest and classic mask-type gas masks. But in the previous version, SAS forces are the appearance of the whole helmet debut.

In the hand model, SAS has a navy blue sleeve, dark gray appearance, light gray inner layer of gloves.

Compared to CS1.6 version can be clearly found in the CS: GO, SAS troops closer to the real, while the whole body is no longer a single dark gray, and with some blue elements to join, this model Also appears to be more stereoscopic.
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